Dharmic Activities :-

  • Conducted Sri Vidya Mahaayaagam by Guhanandamandali members of Chennai for Vishwa Shanthi.
  • Performed ShataRudreeyahomam, Abhishekam & Navavaranapooja for Loka Kalyaanam.
  • LakshaKumKumaArchana at Chinmaya mission, Atp, Samoohika Sarvamangala Stotra Paaryana in Ramaalayam, Atp, Astadasha LakshaKumkumaArchana for lokakalyanam in Pulivendula, Kadapa, Lakshapusphaarchana as part of Mahaswami 120th year Birthday celebrations.
  • Sahasra Lingarchana, Abhishekam, ShataRudreeya homam & Yaama pujas on shivaratri.
  • Performed Vedic rituals in few neglected temples in remote areas for the welfare of the village.
  • Held Gurupoornima and Veda Dampatipooja to honour Vedic Scholars and to encourage lineage.
  • Felicitation of Great speaker Sri.Chaganti Koteswara rao garu, Sri. Garikipati Narasimha Rao garu & Sri SamavedamShanmuka Sharmagaru.
  • Abhishekam & Navavaranapooja to Srichakra on every Pournami for Loka Kalyaanam.
  • Guruvandana on every Ashada Pournami, SriHoma on every Sravana Pournami & RudraHoma on every Kartheeka pournami.
  • Conducted ‘Chandi Homa’ by Sri Vidya Upasaka Shri Goteti Srinivasa Rao at Sri Lalitha Sundareswara Devalayam, Tadipatri.

Spiritual discourses :-

  • Pravachanam on Mookapanchashati by Sri Garikapati Narasimharao Garu at Anantapur.
  • Pravachanam on “Aacharya Shankarulu – Adhyathmikabhoda” by Sri Dr.Nagatrishulapaani in Kaasivishweswaraalayam, Anantapur.

Caring for Environment :

  • Planted devotional and medicinal plants like Raavi, Juuvvi, Meedi, Moduga, Bilvam, Vepa, Jammi, Neredu, etc in villages/towns near Anantapur as part of our ongoing efforts to create a ‘Vaidika Paryavaranam’ to help the communities create healthy, clean & green environment.
  • Created awareness in various communities on the importance Gow Matha (Holy Indian Cow) and extended financial assistance to Goshalas.
  • Conducted awareness programs on Ayurveda.

Seva :-

  • Distribution of plates and glasses at Govt. school in Somaladoddi village, Anantapur.
  • Distributed bed sheets in DattaRajamuneedra Ashram, Kurugunta ashram for blind girls, Abhaya child welfare for mentally disabled and for physically handicapped people.
  • Provided groceries to NGO Spandana, Anantapur for mentally retarted kids.

Programs for Youth :-

  • Provided Financial Aid to meritorious poor students to enable them purse Engineering / Chartered Accountancy.
  • Conducted Youth empowerment program by various famous speakers like Sri Hypno Kamalakar and others as part of “Inspire 2010” – A three day career oriented personality development workshop for youth.
  • Conducted seminar on “How to prepare for competitive Exams” by well known trainer, speaker and coach Sri Akella Raghavendra of Hyderabad.
  • Conducted Koutilya – Chess Competition for School children to arouse interest in our ancient game.
  • Essay Writing competition on Mana Pandugalu-Visishtata, Mana Bharathadesha Samskruti Sampradaya Vaarasatva Sampada, Kanna Talli Pramukhyata & Gomata for High school kids.

Future Activities:-

  • To promote and to start Veda pathashalas.
  • To conduct BalaVikaas programs (Sanskara Kendra) in selected areas so that we can impart Slokas, Padyas & Samskaaras from scriptures which create wonderful moral, ethical and spiritual values in children.
  • To establish library that has a wide range of collection of texts on Vedas, Sruthis and Sanathana Dharma.
  • Conduct social service programs like eye camps, medical camps for the benefit of the masses and the community at-large.
  • To serve as a resource centre on effective management practices for Hindu organizations and temples.
  • To revive the ignored temples (Jeernoddharana) and impress upon local communities on the need of reviving them and making them self-sufficient to maintain them.
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