Satha Chandi Yaagam By SCSGP


The way all birds get together on the maha vruksham when the time comes.

All of us reached anantapu, head quarters of SCSGP and gathered at our new trust office. we rented a old building but a very spacious one to accommodate all of us. That building owned by a doctor who was a spiritual sadhak also.

Even though that building was a old one and not easy to occupy. But with our guruji and member’s hard work, it became clean and fit to stay. Wherever swamiji goes that atmosphere gets lit with a divine fragrance of happiness. It reminds a scene from bhagavatam, when Krishna enters Mathura, people of Mathura say: “Eeyana unna puramu puramu. Eeyana leni puramu kuda adave”. In that way we also feel if HE is present that is nandana vanam else that is aranyam)

Satha Chandi was a great opportunity for all our SCSGP family members to get-together and celebrate!! I was fortunate to be in ATP for 5 days for this occasion, tried to narrate few things which I saw with my limited capabilities on what happened, so that it could be a good memoir for us in future. (Each one of us has a saga to tell). 

On 21st Dec:

New Trust uniforms T-shirts was a great idea. T-shirts are really nice n unveiling it by swamiji was a great event!  Taking pics n selfies, groupies were moments of great joy.

All of us are from different cities or towns and completely from different backgrounds. Swamiji chose (hand-picked) all of us and made a Beautiful garland in the name SCSGP to stay connected and do exactly as in the slokam :  SAHANA VAVATU SAHANOU BHUNAKTU…


In our normal busy office schedules we may not be in touch with all of us but the moment we all get together for yearly big program, these are the greatest moments of happiness with all atma bandus. Having darshana, sparshana, sambhashana, saha bhojana with them along with guruji is the most memorable event especially food prepared by vadinamma is the best and most favorite part of the days.

If at all we are able to see, we can actually experience the divine play of mother each and every moment, which has both learning and happiness (a great combo effect).

As they say, Hitam and Ramyam are too different aspects, Hitam (which is good may not be ramyam-Tasteful.) But in the presence of Guruji it is always HIRAMYAM.

Swamiji shall be correcting us in innumerable ways as this jeeva having accumulated infinite births’ samskaras…and each encounter with swamiji there shall be a great clesnsing activity to ward of all negativity (papam) to and fill with positivity to accerlate sadhana. 

Each time we counter guruji an inner voice echoes “time to increase anushtanam as this life is really short n do as much sadhana as possible n enjoy the bliss by the company of Amma each day”. 

Guruji was roaming continuously for few weeks to procure all the items for the HOMA, be it accommodation for guests or scsgp members, temple venue, talking to concerned people. Inviting dignitaries etc.  He has been doing things as if his daughter marriage is going on! 

Guruji’s vatsalyam on his sishyas was so much that he even gives head massage also to few of us who generally go out and do works which need physical labor. Then he told me to come for massage, I told I don’t want to forgo my punyam by this. He said then what about talks that we do, due to over closeness, we tend to crack jokes on guruji, will that also begets papam, yes but until and unless guruji feel for that but each word we speak will beget it’s own repercussions which we have to be extremely careful. 

On 22nd Dec: Complete day went on building the homa kundam and sodhasha mantapam for swamiji. Outcome of mantapam is exceptionally beautiful. (Guruji used to tell chesedi manamu kaadu amma cheyinchukuntundi). Each time we perform any big spiritual activity, it teaches us the eternal lesson that we are just the instruments (NIMITTA MATRA) in her hand. It is her play every time and more evident in big yaagas like this. 

Everything came to us in abundance be it vastrams, homa dravyas, firewood, people  etc including coconut tree branches, mango leaves without much effort. Amma changes the heart of each and every one to be helpful to us. Moment we said we need coconut tree branches for homa, they were very generous to give coconuts also from tree (direct ones without touching the earth) and many branches.


Everyone including news reporters, shops, households were very helpful and cooperated with us in this maha yaagam.


As the day was passing, cool breeze and big golden disk setting in the sky reminded us that this day got over and next morning itself is the big day which we were planning for more than a year. We are more excited and feeling tensed also if the arrangements are fine or still something is missing. 

Many women volunteers who were already available in the temple started decorating the homa kundam with rangolis beautifully.

Cleaning of the premises was handled with much more perfection, this amuses us how amma enters in each and everyone around us so that the divine energy springs from within and everyone starts working very hard and that too out of pure joy and love not as if it has to be done.

As the lights are arranged and homa kundam was ready, got the fire wood for homa this time very good quality one to suffice the big homa kundam.We got a separate room to keep all the homa samagri and ration for cooking.

We got deeksha vastralu from kasi given by Smt. Prameelamma garu and green colour panchalu also for second day. Women wing was all set with their new yellow shade sarees for uniformity.

As night was passing, Guruji made sure all are sent to different locations to sleep, some to trust office, houses etc. HE and very few people slept at the venue. One vacant house also we got nearby.

On 23 Dec: (Sri.Goteti guruvugaru) Chennai bus was late by few hours, despite bus being late it was not a problem for the overall schedule! That was the great administration of both gurujis to handle hectic schedule with multi-tasking and time management.

Started with GOPUJA by then all members from chennai also reached venue and participated in it. GOMATA was happy to take the puja from gurujis. All the rituals kick started… 

Now the most complex n tricky part of satha chandi homa came, that is doing 100 parayanas… Guruvugaru did much planning to gather people from all places n prepared our members also( on gurupournami guruvugaru came all the way from chennai to do chandi homa and teach us chandi parayana). 

After 100 parayanas guruvugaru was extremely happy and did namaskaram to all the people sitting there for completing 100 paryanas telling this is not a normal feat. Even people who were having trouble sitting also sat continuously for almost 4 hours and people having difficulty in reading could read better and the parayana went effortlessly with 39 people on the stage.

After taking break,  few of us assembled to do japam 1 lakh in total. This was a great experience. 

Seeing bala, vatuka, suvasini pujas is another great event for all us. It was a great time for those who participated in puja, who took the puja and who did the puja aslo. This was planned perfectly with everything packed and names written on it. 

Sundarakanda parayana was done by sri Deekshitulu garu. 

Satha rudrabhishekam, Navaavarana puja and various poushtika homas the list of them is very big were performed.  

As the night is passing it got a divine magic in it. Seeing pratyangira homam is a very beautiful experience this time because we could see so many dry chilles were given ahuti and not even a slightest inconvenience caused due to that.

Guruvugaru told, believe me and come closer nothing will happen as it is the power of the mantras which make even a red chilly don’t show its original pungency.

Guruvugaru continued doing all special homas which are mandatory for satha chandi, list is too big and it took time till late night.

As we are done with arrangements, all of us sat with guruji discussing various topics on sadhanas and few jokes were cracked also which is common in our satsang. Guruji may be cornering someone, but it is to kill his/her ego and make him realise his mistakes. This is our new gurukul system where all disciples be it sadhakas r sevakas are constantly monitored (directly or indirectly) and corrected unlike in old gurukul system only students are learning as long as when they are with guruji. 

After completing all the homas, Guruvugaru slept at the temple itself and early morning despite being very cold, he  started off in bike to reach accommodation room (which is a bit far) for freshening up but luckily got the car (so that guruvugaru don’t have to suffer the cold.)

Gopuja is done followed by other rituals and then CHANDI HOMA was done with great pomp.

All the ritviks sat there had enough Dravyam in hand. On one side Guruvugaru and Amma garu on the otherside, Guruji and vadinamma sat and did Homa, what a beautiful sight!!

Each Dravyam is given by 2 people. 


Sitting in shodasha mantapam with so many great people is absolutely our poorva janma sukrutam!! Mere seeing it and coming in that vicinity also requires much punyam! 

Guruvugaru told in between great words which are worth remembering life time: 

“When madhu came to Chennai and spoke to me, we were happy to come to atp and various homas/pujas as these young sadhakas (all under 35) are very enthusiastic and very obedient.  (To give a background on what happened 5 years back when Sri. Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma garu came to atp for a pravachanam, it happened that madhu anna, went and met him as it has been his habit to meet all upasakas. He gave reference of Sri. Goteti Srinivasa Rao garu who is one of the senior most upasakas of Guhananda mandali.)

 Under the guidance and presence of Guruvugaru scsgp and guhananda mandali

·       Performed Srividhya Mahayagam in 2014 by doing around 25 lakhs of ganapathi and Gayathri japa by all of us as a yearly target.

·       Next year many of us (around 25) got initiated bySri. Vallabha Ganapathi moola mantra and did chatur laksha japa, performed Laksha Moduka Ganapathi Homa in 2015.

·       Ganapathi Tarpana is taught to us as ganapathi is tarpana priyaha, as per sashtras.. Shiva Abhisheka Priyaha, Vishnu Alankara priyaha, surya namaskara priya etc … Many of us started doing tarpana.

·       Later few of us got initiated in Bala moola mantra and did bala homam also in Kanakapura.

·       Started with Ganapathi Atharvasheersham by all of us did 1000 parayanas and performed Ganapathi Atharva sheersha homa in 2016.

·       While doing Tithi Nitya puja, we all got initiated with Chandi moola mantra to do 1 lakh japan and 10 parayanas with all strict rules as this being a vaidika homa, now performing Satha Chandi Yaagam in 2017. 

As per sastra  ‘Kalau Chandi Vinayakau’ in kaliyuga chandi and ganapathi save us, we have covered Ganapathi and now Satha Chandi homa in 2017 which a dream of both Sri. Mahadevanandanathula varu and Sri.Champakananda nathula vaaru (parama gurujis). As a syllabus we all started with Ganapathi, Bala and Chandi.  Done with moola mantras now. We will learn suktas especially srisuktam so it will be useful for our devatarchana or abhishekam for all of us including ladies. 

Next year we shall do Ayutha Srisuktha Yagam with 10,000 kamalalu and 2000 bilvam by doing 1 lakh srisukta paryana by all of us.

One of the guhananda mandali member from chennai who was sitting there told that it this is a like dream come true of Sri.Mahadevanandanathula varu that srividhya should be reached to many eligible people and it should be done as a syllabus to reach them. SCSGP members is doing it as syllabus every year doing some sadhana by keeping a target for yearly grand Homas.  

Sri Samavedam shanmukha sharma garu gave his ashirvachanam via a video clip that it was paramacharya swamiji’s blessings who initiated in inspired us to do srividhya sadhana. One can see youtube by searching satha chandi + scsgp for full speech. 

Chitkul’s  dashabhuji amma photo, srichakram limited pic, Sri Lalitha parabhattarika photo and Kamakshi amma small pic along with chandi yantram dollar, newly printed beautiful shaluva is given as yagna prasadam.

Many people took prasadam much more than expected, cooks have to arrangements repeatedly. Concluded a great milestone in SCSGP that is SATHA CHANDI YAAGAM. 


Next day. We all spent in arranging all the items at our trust office.

Sri. Goteti Guruvugaru said few golden rules for sadhaka.

His guruji used to say Mantra japa should be stared at a young age unlike at an older age when there is no patience to sit. One should be extremely careful with their words, for a sadhaka anger is his main enemy and it should be kept under control. For a upasaka it is very important to take care of his/her spouse, so that it doesn’t hinder our sadhana. In srividhya, one can get success only when family cooperation is there. One should follow all gruhasta dharmas.

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