Sri BhanuMahadyuta Yagam by SCSGP, Anantapur

|| Srimatrenamaha ||
Bhanu Mahadyuta Yagam
SCSGP & Guhananda Mandali reached another biggest milestone by completing yearly program successfully. This time it is “Sri BhanuMahadyuta Yagam” This is supposed to happen in the year 2020 but got delayed due to pandemic and happened on 26,27,28- March-2021. 
We are extremely grateful to Guruvugaru Sri. Goteti Srinivasa Rao garu for the opportunity given to us in many ways to uplift ourselves not only spiritually but in all possible ways that is for a common man to live happily as gruhasta and become a sadhaka. As many of us know Our journey with Guruvugaru started in 2014 that is doing yearly programs in a big scale with dignitaries from everywhere. 
Yearly homa is a great occasion for all of us to celebrate in innumerable ways like new clothes (deeksha vastrams), great food, gathering of family members especially kids will make friends and play whole day. There will be power packed sessions by Guruvugaru, where it is a great opportunity for all us to listen and know so many things. 
Ever since Sri. Samavedam shanmukha Sharma garu introduced Guruvugaru to our Guruji Sri. Madhusudhan Rao garu.  SCSGP & Guhananda mandali is reaching greater milestones year on year with increased sadhana. Just to recap what we did yearly so far apart from many other regular programs: 
• 2014 Srividhya Mahayagam
• 2015 Laksha Moduka Ganapathi Homam
• 2016 Laksha Durvarchana sahita, Sahasra Ganapathi Atharvasheersha Homam
• 2017 Shata Chandi Homam
• 2018 Ayutha Srisuktha Homam
• 2019 Sri Lalitha Yaagam, Ashtottara Shata Suvasini Pooja 
All these are not just ordinary homas like other sponsored programs where few rutviks come, fetch items and do homas. All the members of SCSGP and Guhanandaandali must get initiation do japa/parayana with purascharana rules and then perform homam.  
What an extraordinary clairvoyance by our beloved Guruvugaru!!  In October 2018 itself, while flying from Indore to Hyd both Guruji’s while travelling by air (in clouds) decided that coming year we must do Adityahrudaya, Hanuma chalisa parayana & Sudarshana moola mantra japa.
If we see our all earlier programs it was like one stotra/mantra per year. But this time Gurujis decided that let us do all three sadhana of surya, hanuma and sudarshana this year and Surya Mandala Stotram also (one per day as long as Adityahrudaya parayana is done).  
It wasn’t sheer co-incidence, but it is very evident that Gurujis’ have foreseen a great critical situation(pandemic) which required rigorous sadhana for all of us to survive healthy in all aspects. So, it was decided that we all do 50,000 Hanuman chalisa Parayana, 50,000 Aditya Hrudayam & Koti Sudarshana Japam for this year and do Homam. Since Dashamsha homam is also difficult to do at a stretch due to higher counts, during sharanavaratri partial homam was done.
Our venue for this Homam is Hanuman temple at hanuman junction-somuladoddi village near ISKCON temple, Atp. 
Guruvugaru came evening and spoke to us on various things and gave us hint on what will be the next year target. 
Since 2013 we were initiated with many mantras and suktas/stotras which completes the Panchayatana deities. If we chant those mantras/suktas it completes manasika Panchayatana puja.  Culmination to this will be Subramanya sadhana. 
Guruvugaru said that all of you were learning and doing many things since we met, starting from srividhya mahayagam (where few did gayatri japam & others Ganapathi Japam),
• Ganapathi moola mantra japam, atharvasheersha parayana then tarpana, moduka & Garika homa etc 
• Sahasra lingarchanas, Shivaratri Yaama pujas.
• Srisukta,khadgamaala, Lalitha Sahasra naama parayana, Sri Chakra Nava avarana puja, 108 Suvasini puja.
• Sudarshana, Hanuma japa
• Adityahrudayam, surya mandala stotra parayana
All these are given to you as a part of curriculum. However busy you are if you chant ganapathi mantram, sudarshana, aditya hrudayam, LSN/khadgamaala, panchakshari. It is like doing Manasika panchayatana puja
Our Bharata Desham itself is a big panchayatana peetam with so many divya kshetras distributed all over the places with so many cults.  
If we vertically split panchayatanam we get two sets 
• Kutumba sampradayam: Ammavaru, Shivudu, Ganapathi. 
• Sodara sampradayam: Ammavaru, Vishnuvu, suryudu. 
Subramanya is kept in the middle of kutumbam, though it is called Panchayatana but we do 6 devatas puja. 
Guruvugaru was thinking for what bandutvam are we coming to atp all the time, what have I done to them, why are they doing so much of preparation for the program, what have I given to them. 
Guruvugaru was observing us for few years and suffered due to few things that are happening in our SCSGP family especially be it pregnancy issues, kids health, husband and wife differences etc, he was thinking about these issues and there was no answer to it immediately but recently one fine morning, while doing sandhyavandanam guruvugaru got a thought in the morning and obviously he will share with ammavaru that is we all can do subramanya Aradhana this time. 
As it was getting late at night, on a lighter note ammagaru was telling all are getting sleep still they are alert thinking when guruvugaru will ask a question ?
Guruji said since program didn’t start yet we all have energy and Guruvugaru continued his talk on subramanya tatvam – Subramanya is Gnana Pradhana devata, HIS mantra chanting purifies our blood, it is not purifying blood, but it will change the constitution of the blood. Even someone having gastric issues will get relief with this sadhana. 
Doing japam with Purascharana rules is very important. This I have been telling you people since we met, if we follow all rules, we end up eating on Dal Rice, curd/buttermilk rice & Upma. After your japam whatever naivedyam you put for God eat that in the morning, afternoon take lunch which is cooked with rules and at night you can take any phalaharam. Guruji added we are not telling you to do upavasam or naktham, follow minimum compulsive rules and do japa like no hair/nails cutting, bramhacharyam, sleeping on the floor etc. 
If it is not possible for someone to follow any rule after starting japam, they can approach guruji with their difficulty and guruji will decide what they can follow and complete japam. From this year it will be strict, and one has to do serious sadhana without telling silly reasons. 
Guruvugaru continued: 
Whenever you get some difficulty you just dial guruji to tell him and he may say do this chanting. Why don’t you do japam properly and resolve your own issues. Since many of us are initiated with so many powerful mantras!
For the last 5 years I had gone through a very difficult situation in life. In that phase of life also my manasika balam was the sadhana that I learnt. Ammavaru had to take initiative to remove difficulty and during this time whenever someone say do this sadhana or that, go to this pilgrimage or that, I have done it thinking may be ammavaru herself is showing this path. 
If you are doing sadhana properly with whatever mantra you have that will definitely benefit you in innumerable ways and we cannot say that it will work in this way only. It may give you courage to face the difficulty, it can change other person who is causing issues. Since you all are professionals when you are working in a team or leading a team, every day you must deal with your subordinates, peers or superiors. In case of family also anyonyata or saanukulata is very important for us. So, mantra sadhana will do miracles!! 
Some time back told you people to write your spiritual experiences, very few people did it. Since you all are professionals you know how important documentation is. You cannot say I don’t know anything guruji told me to do this for a year and I did it that’s it. 
Whatever qualitative and quantitative experience that you got should be written somewhere and you should be able to talk about it. 
That doesn’t mean you have to prove this to someone else. There is no fixed barometer to gauge your sadhana. 
Guruji Uvacha on subramanya sadhana:  mana SCSGP family lo jarigina konni incidents chuste: uneven deliveries (garba sravan) avvochu,pillala arogyam baga lekunda undatamo,gnanam lopinchatam. Manalo chaala mandiki gnanam lopinchindi ani anukuntunnaru kabatti shivudiki pranavopadesam chesina mahavyakti ayana mantra japam cheste Gnanam vastundi ani. gnanam ante chaduvu, telivi kaadu. it is not knowledge which come by education it is wisdom which comes by your own activities as said by Guruji. So miku Gnanam lopinchindane peddavari alochana daani kosame ee subramanya mantra sadhana. 
26-Mar-2021 – Friday, Trayodashi: It started with Gou-Puja, every time we had to bring Goumata for the puja, this time we were lucky to get a temple where Goushala is also there.  (any sadhana done near goumata is Ananta phaladaayi). This year homa is done with Goumaya(peda) samidhalu hence homa basmam is extra precious for us. 
Guruvugaru bought pavitras from thirumala and kept on kalashas and all deities: surya, hanuma and sudarshana which later distributed to all of us. 
Ugrarathat shanti program started with Rutvikarana and japa by all rutviks and Poushitika homas started which include Ganapathi,Navagraha-adidevatha, Pratyadhidevata, Dikpalakalu, Upagraha devata etc. 
Ayushya homa, Aruna, Pavamana khila homa. Aruna parayana, Surya namaskara were performed. Thanks to Nikhil for drawing beautiful Surya yantram which took more than 2 hours.  
Evening doing Kalasha stapana, sankalpam for Bhanu mahadyuta yagam is another highlight which took around 1 hour to recite all our nakshatra, raasi and naamas!! 
27-Mar-2021 – Saturday, Chaturdashi: Aditya, Hanuma, Sudarshana Homas are done for the entire day. 
Simultaneously Rama, Hanuma, Sudarshana, Surya Avarana archana was performed. 
Later part of the day seeing sa-shastriya Shodasha daanas by Guruvugaru to all ritviks was first time for most of us. Guruji arranged all items as per scriptures.  
Abhishekam is done to all pradhana devatas and salagramas with 21 dravyams while pandits were chanting various sutkas. 
On evening, as a part of Guruvugari shasti poorthi swasthi: various sevas like chaturveda, upanishad, vyakarana, purana sravanam & Gaana seva happened. Our SCSGP family kids like sahasra, ashwin, pranavi sang songs brilliantly. 
It was a great evening listening to the recitation of chanting of Vedic mantras by all purohits especially by Sri. Daadithota prasada anna, Jagadish anna, Kiran, Krishna kishore etc.
Maha mangala harati was done later with dasha vidha harathis while vedic pandits Prasad anna & Kiran were chanting relevant mantras. 
By late evening it was great meeting all our good old and new friends sitting and chatting till late night. 
28-Mar-2021 – Sunday, Pournami: Day started with Veda mantra chanting.  Later Abhishekam was done to Sri Hanuman in temple with vastra samarpana and other kainkaryams.
Khadgamala homa was done, Guruvugaru did 1000 parayana of Khadgamala with sankalpam to have anyonya dampatya and Sharirika, manasika arogyam for all of us. Few of us sat and did this homa with swahakara after each naama. 
Mahalakshmi homa was another great homa that was performed there under the guidance of guruvugaru with Vidyaranyas’ samputita srisuktam, many dravyams like sriphalam, bilwam, pasupu kommulu etc. 
Later Guruvugaru did samputita homam true to our yaagam heading. Sri-Bhanu-Mahadyuta homam, here samputitakaranam was done with saptasloki, Srisukta, Moola mantras of Aditya, Hanuma & Sudarshana. While doing this yagagni was very vigorous and all of us sitting there could feel the heat. This vibration was so magnificent that it reverberated in our ears for so long. 
Guruvugari Uvacha on Guru Saparya:
Guru saparye sarvasam enduku antunnanu ante ayana podduna lechi anushtanam chese samayam ivvali ala cheste adi manam anta anushtanam chesina daanito samanam
ayane mundu lechi, anni erpatlu cheskuntunte inka anushtanam eppudu chestaru. sishyudu ane vaadu Guru sanidhyam lo 
ayanaki cheskone avakasham icchi, taruvata oka dandam pedite chaalu. Ala mana intlo unnapudu kuda ayanni taluchukuntam, japam eggodatam ante kudaradu. 
ivvanni guruvuki sishyudu cheyali, bharya bharataki cheyali. bharya anushtana parularaithe bharta cheyali
Guruvu ni anusarinchi povatam chaala mukyam ainadi
Guru parokshanga unnapudu guru mudra toh cheyali, pratyakshanga unnapudu adi anavasaram
ayana netti mida ayana guruvu untadu.parama guruvu untaadu. avanni ayana chuskuntaru. manakenduku. 
(On a ligther note: Gurumudra cheppukovataniki oka 5 mins padtundi, ee lopu evaro pilustaru pakkana vellataniki undadu, idi practical problems)
Guruvu anukuntadu: sadguru parambramhaya namaha, srimatrenamaha ammavariki namaskaram. sarvam sri sadguru charanaravindarpana mastu. 
Guruvu samaksham lo Ammavaru kaadu kada, evaru vacchina avasaram ledu. 
Guruvuni pattukunte tane chuskuntadu.
Guruvu paduka ke kada chesedi namaskaram. ayana lenappudu mana netti mida chuskovali.
antaryagam lo ammavari paadalu chuskuntam. Guru samaksham lo gurupaduka cheyakunda undatame uttamam
Guru samaksham lo unnapudu Guruvu paadalu pattukovatam kante goppa anushatanam ledu! Guruvuki chesina namaskaram ammavariki neruga cheripotundi
Atp MLA Sri. Anantha Venkatarami Reddy garu attended the homam. 
Shivakoti Sreepeetham pontiff Sri.Shivayya swami also graced the occasion, he was given poorna kumba swagatam, he sat for some time and spoke to gurujis. He was stunned with the title our homa. Sri Bhanu which means surya, Mahadyutha is common name for both Hanuma and Sudarshana swami. Sun himself is embodiment of prakasha, Hanuma is maha prakasha swaroopa, Sudarshana chakra is surrounded by fire – (sahasrara-Achyutapriya, sarva astra gathi, sarva rakshakara chakra, para mantra, para yantra, para tantra mochakara, Sarva roga prashamanakara, Karma Bandha Vimochanakara chakra!)
So, coining such a term is great. Credit goes to Kartheek who found that Mahadyuta naama which is common to both Hanuma & Sudarshana. 
Many people came from everywhere including localities and vishnusahasra naama sangha members who did Aditya hrudaya parayana and hanuman chalisa parayana many times. Crowd was decently handled this time without any hiccups during the program and while poornahuti also!
Poornahuti the culmination point of the entire program remains great with increased intensity of vedic chants and giving all remaining dravyams to yagngni. Guruvugaru makes sure that he chants below mantra and everyone repeats it:
“Itah purvam, prana buddhi, deha dharma, adhikaratah – jagrat swapna, susupti avasthasu, manasa vaca karmana, hastabhyam padbhyam, udarena, sisna, yat smrtam, yat uktam yat krtam, tat sarvam brahmarpanam bhavatu svaha”
As a living entity endowed with life, intelligence, body and the power to discriminate between right and wrong,
I offer whatever I have thought with my mind, spoken with my words, and performed with my hands, feet, stomach and genitals
while awake, asleep or in deep sleep. I offer myself and everything I have to the lord.
So, whenever homa is performed, all devatas whose mantras are chanted come in suskma form to get havissu, especially if it is done by senior upasakas like our gurujis’ they will come for sure as we have seen earlier so many nidarshanas are there. We may not be able to see devata as sukshma darshana shakti is not there, but devatas will see us! We will be present in their divine aura which energies us and benefits us in many ways. Hence, sarva prayatnena one should attend such programs. 
Avabrudham (all the water in kalashas) are poured to both Guruvugaru and Guruji couples and that teertha jalam prokshana (sprinkle on all of us), attending this event is purely poorva janma punya vishesham. 
Guruvgari shasthipoorthi mahotsavam was another great occasion which happened with great pomp and fervour, it is a lifetime memorable for all of us! While ammagaru was getting ready, varudu (Guruvugaru) was waiting at the mandapam then purohits were telling shiva kalyana ghattam by drawing so many similarities, everyone was so cheerful yet showing great enthusiasm and delight.
It can be called mystical marriage between two soulmates who saw all phases of life and emerged as divya adi dampatis. 
All rituals especially talambralu, mangala sutra dharana, exchanging garlands were highlight with vedic pandits chanting those mantras with flawless diction. It was astonishing to see such a decent crowd started vigils during talambralu ?. Taking very delicious lunch with divya damapatis around still lingers in our mind.  
Each time food served was very tasty and served very promptly without any delays. So many items were served that few of our friends took a photo of it also that they are having so items at a time ? 
Evening around 6 pm Guruvugaru asked us to assemble for mantropadesam. Guruvugaru started saying: 
Today sunday – Pournami tithi, uttara nakshatram – simha rasi (Swami Graha of Simha Rashi is Surya)
On this auspicious day we could perform poornahuti of Sri Bhanu Mahadyuti yaagam and get blessings. For upcoming program also as per our ritual we call all gods on weekends only and the day when homa culminates with poornahuti will be 27th Dec-2021 and that day is Subramanya shasti!! That’s how god makes things happen. ( even though we restrict to weekend, that day will be a vishesha tithi for respective god!!)
Individuals suffering from Kuja/Mangal dosha can benefit greatly by chanting this powerful mantra as Lord karteekeya is Mars’ grahadipati, HIS mantra japam will negate the evil effects caused by Mars.
If Mars is very weak in our jatakam, it leads to blood related diseases, if khuja graha is little weak it leads to abdominal pains, almost 75-80% of girls are suffering from irregular cycles, excess bleeding, menstrual pains etc.
Khuja is adhipathi for blood, subramanya swami is kuja graha adhipathi. Regular chanting of subramanya mantra will purify the blood ( not just purification but will change constitution of it) and one can get rid of these problems, all sharirika dosha and difficulties can be removed.
Another name for Subramanya is Guru Guha, as he has done omkara upadesam to Shiva. Doing his sadhana will fetch us all the benefits that one should get from Guru.  As per horoscope if Guru and Kuja are there in a combination in any place except Astama stanam, they will have Raja yogam. Colloquially we say ‘Vaadi maata veda vakku’ as Guru& Kuja will be dancing on his tongue. whatever he says it will become true. Those who have Ketu in uccha position will also have same yogam, but if ketu is in bad position they always speak negative. 
For Kuja graha they say one must do 7000 japam to get rid of that dosham. Leaving all materialistic benefits like marriage, health, Subramanya Aradhana leads to Tatvachintana, how to find moksha margam? how to achieve self-enlightenment?
But one must do correct pronunciation of mantra. If we see today’s homam due to time constraint few are skipping Ra-karam in Sudarshana mantra, some are not pronouncing humkara correctly (humkaram taadana mantram). 
In order to reap complete benefits of the mantra many aspects are required. Whatever may of the speed of chanting one should not skip words or mis-pronounce mantram, forget about the benefits, it will incur dosham if we don’t do it properly. 
In Devi Bhagavatam, there is a story that a kid runs away from home and wanders in forest, Infront of him a pig dies with the arrow of a hunter, in that pain it shouts Aiye, aiye… this kid catches that word and starts chanting it. Amma gives shakastkaram and says even though you didn’t pronounce my beejam(Aimkaram) completely I am pleased with you and will give sadgati to both pig and you!! 
Only Ammavaru can be so compassionate, whatever we do at the end of the day Amma is Amma only. That’s why our sadhana should always be like BALA BHAVANUSARENA, that is a sadhaka should always say amma am very innocent like kid please accept my prayers. 
Only ammavaru did such a promise not other god. 
They say at least while dying if a person chants Narayana he will get mukti. But one should chant complete naama, even if one chants nayana or naraya there will not be effect.  If we don’t chant correctly ayyavaru (male god) will say as he didn’t chant correctly, he will say YATHA YOGYAM TATHA KURU, as he did this much let him get this much result only. 
Coming to this year target, we may feel sharavanabhava is a smaller mantra, if we chant fast in that also there is chance of missing RA-kara and VA-kara
Before starting japam, one must read it for few days to get used to it. We must write mantram on a paper with space between each letter and try to read slowly and then increase speed. In this way none of the akshara will skip while chanting. 
As per scriptures if any mantra is lesser than 1000 words it should be memorised. Am telling this technique so that we don’t do mistake. Initially all of you would have struggled to read saptashati now you are able to read it comfortably as you are used to that letters. Same way you to have to follow this technique for all mantras to ensure there are no akshara doshas, uccharana doshas. 
As we say yadha shatki, yadha avakasham, yadha sambhavidrayiah we do homam, like that am telling this practical technique for perfect mantra chanting.
Due to time constraint we didn’t stop your incorrect chanting at homam, whatever be the speed of chanting mantra should come out perfectly. 
Mantra should be drained in blood!! (mantram raktam lo ooripovali)
Few people say if you cut my hand, you can see my lovers name in it, if that is the case even gods’ name should also be there for a sadhaka. 
Let me tell you scientific approach why we should do mantra japam: there will be a big cavity from our nose to nabhi. When we chant mantra there will be vibration in our body. Shorter the mantra greater the power, as the speed of chanting increases the frequency of vibration increases, it is like increasing RPM, as RPM increases temperature increases. 
Even sustaining omkaram for longer duration is also difficult without practice. While chanting Oxygen, vibration, heat plays a key role in changing our body/mind constitution. 
Coming to our next program, your annagaru has big hand, he is saying koti japam, actually for any mantram one should Akshara laksha japam that is how many aksharas are there in the mantram that many lakhs of japam has to be done. Our mantra is 6 letters, so atleast half of that mantram is 3 lakhs japam is the target. If we do correctly in 10 days, we can finish 1 lakh japam, morning 5k japam, evening 5k. This will ensure there are no issues to you and family members because of your deeksha. 
Please don’t do raksasa japas like completing 1 lakh japam in 2/3 days. Doing like that is great thing by sacrificing family, body pains, concentrating on the japa but that is not advisable. 
We must be in samsaram, have to do all works and do our sadhana also. 
Don’t be under the assumption that my husband is doing japam I will also get punyam, it is all individual accounts here, no joint accounts in case of sadhana or path of enlightenment. 
some of u are messaging that by Guruvugari grace we were able to connect. That is all trash, with guruji grace you will get mantra, doing japam is your prayatnam. 
In case of couples, both may be in a different plane, you don’t have to force others to do, you can always give inclination, but it is upto them.  
This mantra is a very important one, very small one but if you do this properly you may not need anything else. 
First you will get health & concentration with that siddi will come. One should follow purascharana rules and do japam. 
From Chaitra Pournami till Kartheeka Pournami you will have 8 months’ time, you must finish japam by then.  
Next yaagam title will be Sri Guru Guha Yaagam, it is makutam in muttuswami Deekshitar keerthana. 
He is a great exponent in Music and Srividhya also, he got all this subramanya Aradhana. 
In association with all of you for so many years, am learning good qualities from each one of you. 
you all are my learning points for me same way you would have learnt few things from me. it is mutual learning … one must learn all good things from all and at the same time we should have faculty to comprehend it. Veedenta manaku cheppedi ani anukokudadu… Maanisha panchakam ade cheptundi: chandaalostu sa tu dwijosthu gurur ityaeshaa maneeshaa mama 
we never know what one will get by sadhana, one can see the different vibhutis as vachasa, varchasa etc these are all nidrashanas.  Nidarshana is not something that you get from somewhere for your sadhana. 
Later, Guruji initiated all of us with Subramanya mantram. 
Guruvu garu explained Dhyana shloka and beejaksharas in the mantra. 
We also got vibhuti from subramanya swami temple sandur, karnataka after receiving subramanya swami mantram!
Packed all our items and shifted to trust office thanks to our old and new members who took active participation before during and after program. 
PS: this is just an iota of what happened there perceived with my limited faculties. No way this could give the experience of complete program, one should try to come in the wifi of Gurujis to connect to a different world which is uncommon to common crowd. 
Glossary: Guruji is referred to Sri. Madhusudhana Rao garu and Guruvugarug is to Sri. Goteti Srinivasa Rao garu.

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